Prusa i3 PTS     445€ VAT Incl.


Discover now all new developments and are free!

Just decide the printing platform size and the control screen.


- Own design extruder, compatible with all 3d printing filament materials in the market. (*Including flexible one).

- Full calibrated and configured electronics with new drivers DRV8825.

- Heat surface allows printing with materials like ABS, Nylon or HIPS among others.

- GT2 Pro Pulley system extends belts life.


Printing technology:

FDM (Fused Deposition Material)


43 x 52 x 37 cm

Build volume:

20 x 20 x 18.5 cm

Layer resolution:

50 microns



Extruder nozzle:

0.4 / 0.3 / 0.2 mm

Compatible printing materials:













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Leveling is going to end!

With this improvement, you can forget levelling the building platform; our printer is configured to do this step for you. Printer will measure the height from the nozzle to the printing surface; with this information the printer will adjust it to maintain the same distance during all print. This way it’s possible to prevent first layers being unstuck and prevents the printing failure.



PTSone extruder


The extruder is one of the most important components of the 3D printer.

We have developed our own extruder, compact and reliable, designed to print any material or 3d filament in the market. The small size of our extruder allows you to install anytime a second extruder without any other printer modification needed.



Heating printing surface


We made sure that our printers work with all 3d materials that exist in the market.

Some materials like ABS or Nylon are interesting because of their strong properties; this kind of materials need a better adhesion to the printing surface. That’s the reason why we decided to use a heat surface, which prevents deformations on the printed pieces.

It reaches the appropriate temperature in a shorter time; having a greater thickness we prevent the bending of the printing surface.

Made in aluminium, have no bending and distributes and maintains the heat all over the surface.


2,6 mm

3,0 mm

1,6 mm


20 x 20 cm

20 x 20 cm

20 x 20 cm



Linear movement system.


The linear movement system added on the printer allows printing on 6,25 microns resolution on X-Y axis.

We have also implemented some improvements on the moving system to get better precision, durability and calibration.



Autonomous print


Smart LCD controller

Full graphic smart controller

With the autonomous print you won’t need to connect your laptop to the machine, just save your models on a SD card and load your files saved on the printer.

The LCd screen will also allow you to control and modify the printing configuration during the print, modify the printing temperature, speed or the plastic flow. You will be also able to execute the auto-levelling or stop the print if you need to change the filament.

You can choose between to different LCD screen controllers.



Electronics protection.


We have protected the electronic board from overheating with a constant airflow.



Power supply.


The power supply is protected to prevent the exposure of electrical contact when the printer is connected.