With 3D printing technology is possible to obtain tangible models from a magnetic resonance or a computed tomography, being able to go beyond the virtual planning, obtaining  anatomical models, being able to generate surgical instruments especially made for the patient, or to facilitate the training of the medical personnel using personalized reproductions.


Medical training.

Currently, 2D and 3D images, obtained from the radiological study of the patient, are used to understand the anatomical details of each case to be treated. The possibility of creating 3D files based on a magnetic resonance or computerized tomography allows surgeons to create real size and appearance organs to practice their operations.This possibility of surgery planning is especially important in surgeries that involve sensitive organs, such as the brain.


Surgical tools printing.

All operations must be prepared and adapted to the particular case of each patient. Sometimes it is necessary to develop surgical tools, specifically designed to each case.

3D printing allows to create these personalized surgical tools for each patient, in a short time and at a low cost.

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