Eleva P100 is an accurate and efficient tool for customized hearing aids production.

As the auditory canal of each customer is different, the technology of scanning and 3D printing, customize and personalized hearing aids for each customer, making them more comfortable and compact.


Audiology 3D print.

Incorporating Eleva P100 in the hearing aid production process will reduce the different personalized hearing aid steps of production. By scanning the model you can make easy and quick adjustments through the 3D processing software and print the hearing aid shell, without having to make sample moulds.


Biocompatible resin.

3D printing allows reducing the production time and cost of personalized hearing aids, in addition it ensures a perfect union in customer’s ear canal.

It is necessary to use certified long exposure biocompatible resins for the hearing aids production, innocuous resins doesn’t produce irritation or discomfort to the customer. Eleva P100 produces precise and tough shells with a soft touch surface.

Personalized hearing protection and earphones.

Another application of 3D printing in the audiological sector is the production of hearing protection devices and personalized earphones, its shape is adjusted to the customers ear canal achieving a better comfort, preventing from slipping or falling off.

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