Power your creativity.

PreSolid Tech 3D printers are a key tool to design new products, exploring new designs whilst saving money.

3d printing gets an agile passage between the design and prototyping phase, suppressing the necessity to decentralize the manufacture of products and pieces in your company, being able to carry out revisions of the same design and evaluate their functionality as many times as necessary, quick and at low cost. Being able to manufacture better products and accelerate their commercialization.

Modeling and animation.

Ben Dansie - 3D Zbrush and Blender designer.

From his studio in Adelaide, Australia, Ben designs and shares realistic 3D models with an incredible detail resolution, the expressiveness of his models makes them seem they come to life. With the new series of Eleva printers we have been able to print his designs, showing even the smallest detail, no matter how complex it may be.

Miniature production.

Printing with Eleva P100, miniature models manufacturers can get accurate impressions of their designs. Obtaining in this way a safe and controlled manufacturing process, being able to generate the definitive master piece that will give green light to the production of the corresponding mould, with the certainty that the pieces produced will have the same level of detail and definition than the master piece 3D printed.

A model for every need.

Our team has been working in the 3D printing sector for years, we are currently developing 2 completely different printing technologies with different technical specifications, this allow us to offer different solutions and find the one that best suits with the customer needs.

Eleva P100.

Our line of DLP UV HD printers allow producing high resolution designs, with incredible details. It is possible to print complex models without having to make hard supports structure that normally leaves marks on the piece. You will be able to check the final result before getting your final product.

Prusa i3 PTS.

Prusa i3 PTS improved version, with aluminium heating surface and our own design PTSOne extruder, will allow you to carry out your projects with multiple materials at your disposal, without having to make a huge initial investment.

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